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Grace Talk – 1

What does it mean to work out your own salvation?
Please clarify the celebration of holidays?
What is free will? Calvanism?
Now that I understand grace, what do I do about attending my legalistic church?
How do I share grace with an unresponsive spouse?
Shout outs to:
Kevin, Costa Rica
Bente and Odmund, Norway
Turrid, Norway
Isidoro, Costa Rica

Grace Talk – 2

What’s wrong with me that I can’t seem to enjoy my life in Christ?
What should I do when my children bring their live-in partners to my house and want to sleep together?
What can I do about how ungracious I behave at home with my wife and children?
What can I expect when I pray for people’s healing?

Grace Talk – 3

What’s the difference between Calvinism and Arminianism?
Is fasting for new covenant believers?
If we aren’t to be afraid of God, why does the Bible say that we are to work out our salvation with fear and trembling?

Grace Talk – 4

Are the Sunday Preaching messages available on DVD?
How do we disciple someone who is walking in a destructive lifestyle?
Was hell created for people who don’t know God?
Are the Sunday Preaching Videos archived?
What does it mean in Hebrews that God disciplines His children?
What do we do when a pastor offers an alter call of sin repentance in order to receive a revival?

Grace Talk – 5

How do I relate to my children who act irresponsibly if grace means that we don’t tell people to do their best and try to do better?
Is it judgmental to confront somebody when they do us wrong, such a lying, stealing or commiting adultery against us?

Grace Talk – 6

Is the term “natural spirit” synonomous with “sin nature?”
What did Jesus mean in Matthew 7 about some who say, “Lord, Lord” not going to heaven?
As a staff person in church, how do I approach my pastor about the message of grace?
How do we approach evangelism under grace?
How should we respond to an authoritarin, overbearing pastor who insists that we obey what he says?

Grace Talk – 7

In this segment of Grace Talk, Steve McVey answers these questions:

What did Jesus mean when he talked about a man being delivered from demons and then 7 more returned so that the man was even worse?
Will you explain how we are to understand 1 John 1:9?
Will you tell us about your personal background?

Grace Talk – 8

How do we understand what Paul wrote in 2 Tim 2:12 about God denying us if we deny Him?
How do we handle it when we have a rotten day and are acting out of our flesh?
Could Adam & Even have eaten from The Tree of Life before the fall?
What is our inheritance as believers?
Why can’t I have friends and why am I afraid to be with other people?
I’m thinking of becoming a pastor and wondering, what’s it like?

Grace Talk – 9

This segment discusses Calvinism, authoritarian religious leaders, keeping biblical festivals.

Grace Talk – 10

How do I reconcile the fact that the Bible teaches not to love the world or the things in the world with my appreciation of movies, music, etc?
What is legalistic preaching?
What is the unpardonable sin?
Can legalism cause depression or even mental sickness?

Grace Talk – 11

In this segment, Steve McVey answers viewers questions about Arminianism, the need for children to attend church, deciding whether or not to leave a church, and staying with a short-tempered husband.

Grace Talk – 12

This segment answers questions like:

How do I know I’m in God’s will?
Should a wife stay with a physically abusive husband?
Is there a such thing as generational curses?
Does the concept of tithing fit within grace teaching?
Does God chasten/punish His children under grace?
Is preaching about hell appropriate from a grace standpoint?

Grace Talk – 13

This segment answers questions like:

Why does God allow suffering?
In light of grace, why did God tell Adam Eve they would die if they ate the fruit?
Why did Paul agree to shave his head as a purification ritual when he preached grace not law?
What do I do if I’m not seeing God’s promises realized in my life?
If all people are forgiven, why do some end up in hell?

Grace Talk – 14

This segment answers these questions:

How do we instill the grace-filled mindset into our young children while still teaching them to obey their parents, follow the rules, etc.?
How are we to view our personal suffering through the lens of grace?
What are your views on the book, The Shack?
Does a christian absolutely have to be belong to a church even if there is no church in his area where he feels comfortable and to which doctrine he agrees with?
What is your take on Lordship salvation?
In light of the scriptures that teach to forget the past etc….what is your thinking on how much time we should look at the past?
Could you explain what the Bible means about us experiencing fear and trembling before God in the light of His love?

Grace Talk – 15

Do you believe in the existence of hell and what is your view of hell?
Is love a moral virtue and explain “God is Love”.
What does it mean in James, faith without works is dead?
Please explain 1 John 3:3. Does sin deserve punishment?
Is there any sin that can stop God from loving me?
What does it mean in Acts 2:38 where it says, “repent everyone of you and be baptized and receive forgiveness of sin?”
Can you out sin God’s grace?
Why do I doubt my salvation? How do I settle this in my mind?

Grace Talk – 16

Questions answered in this segment are:

What do you think of “deliverance ministries?”
Do people suffer real pain in hell?
Why does Steve McVey endorse the book, “The Shack?” Isn’t it a book that promotes Universalism?
Can sins cause us to lose our inheritance in Christ?
Do I lose my salvation when I sin?
How do I deal with constant doubts about my salvation?

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