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Grace Walk

Welcome to Grace Walk Ministries

Our Father has opened doors for Grace Walk to share his love and life with people all over the world. On this site, you'll discover what He is doing through us and how you can be involved in moving the grace revolution forward. We hope you enjoy the articles, the Sunday Preaching, the reports of what God is doing in missions, the many resources in our online store that will help you in your own grace walk, and all the other content on the site.

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Unlocking Your Bible

The Key To Understanding and Applying The Scriptures In Your Life

This book will open the Bible to you by teaching you how to read through the lens of grace!

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Unlock Your Bible is a much-needed concise course in understanding the Bible. Don't miss this helpful instruction from one of today's leading voices about God's amazing grace.
Greg Albrecht, President, Plain Truth Ministries

If you are going to read a Bible, or if you simply want to talk about the Bible, you've got to have what Steve McVey's book, Unlock Your Bible gives.
Ralph Harris, Author, God's Astounding Opinion of You

The mark of an effective teacher is to seamlessly blend depth with simplicity. That is exactly what Steve does here . . . giving you a proper lens for approaching the Bible from a New Covenant perspective. - John Crowder, Sons of Thunder Ministries

Big conference in ATL last weekend in June to launch my newest book Speaking with Wm Paul Young & Baxter Kruger. More details to come shortl

by Steve McVey