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Grace Walk

Welcome to Grace Walk Ministries

Our Father has opened doors for Grace Walk to share his love and life with people all over the world. On this site, you'll discover what He is doing through us and how you can be involved in moving the grace revolution forward. We hope you enjoy the articles, the Sunday Preaching, the reports of what God is doing in missions, the many resources in our online store that will help you in your own grace walk, and all the other content on the site.

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Latest Sunday Preaching

Beyond an Angry God

You Can't Imagine how much He Loves You

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From the Foreword by Wm. Paul Young:

“There is coming a time, and now is, when we stop seeing the anger and fury of God in imagery projected from the darkened imaginations of our own damaged brokenness; disappointed petulance at best, judicial retributive and punitive machinations of the ultimate narcissistic moral perfectionist at worst.”

What if the revelation in Jesus opens our eyes to see that what we had thought was Mount Sinai was really Mount Zion? Beyond An Angry God will open your eyes to that reality.

Wm. Paul Young
Author of the international best-seller,
The Shack and Cross Roads
“Steve McVey writes like a man whose heart has blown away his mind. A true brother of the cloud of witnesses, determined to give us clear eyes to see and open hearts to know the endless, cascading, goodness and love of Jesus’ Father. Thank God McVey left a paper trail.”

Baxter Kruger, Ph.D.,
author of The Great Dance, Across All Worlds, and the international bestseller, The Shack Revisited

Steve McVey has written a wonderful book for anyone who wants to delve deeper into God’s grace. If you’re looking for help because God seems to be both for us and against us, equally angry and loving, this book is for you. Interwoven with his own journey, Steve shows with biblical clarity how God is not split into two minds about us. Rather a proper consideration of all of Scripture coupled with the best interpretive practices shows us that God is like Jesus Christ all the way down. Highly recommended.

Joseph Tkach, D.Min. Grace Communion International,
President board member, National Association of Evangelicals

The Violin Story

as Told by Wm. Paul Young

Attendees during the Conference heard Wm. Paul Young tell the story of a violin maker. Below is that story.

For my birthday this year, on Mother’s Day, my friend K sent me a few pages of a book, translated from the German, written by Martin Schleske, a master violin builder/craftsman. She translated this piece because of conversation we recently had sitting in a hotel lobby in Orlando, Florida.

A world-class young athlete friend had been paralyzed as a result of an on-camera stunt that went badly, and K was distraught. But it wasn’t her friend she wanted to talk about; it was God and ‘…His wonderful Plan for our life.’ How do we begin to talk about a ‘loving and powerful God’ then move to tragedy, sickness, accident, and calamity and finally make it worse by actually believing that we are honoring God in making God author of all this mess in the name of Sovereignty and Omnipotent Control? Some religious people, and Christians would be often among their ranks, believe in grim determinism. It is fatalism with personality. 

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We want life to be a Norman Rockwell but it's more often a Salvador Dali. Despite the abysmal lack of perception, both are masterpieces.

by Steve McVey