We Are Spiritual Children

We Are Spiritual Children

Do you wish you were more spiritually mature? Join the crowd. Children always want to grow up in a hurry. Every child wishes he were older. He looks at the opportunities and privileges that comes with age and longs for that day. Then as he grows old, he longingly looks back on the days of his youth.

Don’t despise the days of your spiritual youth. You will surely grow, but as you do you will look to these days with a sense of nostalgia. Enjoy each moment of this day. Your Father delights in you, so delight in yourself. Allow your immaturity and weakness be a call to dependence on Him.

Children don’t analyze themselves. They simply live. So just live. Your heavenly Father knows your age, you don’t. Children often believe that they are more mature than they are. “I’m big” they may say, while a knowing parent simply smiles.

You aren’t as big as you think you ought to be, so relax. Enjoy being a child – God’s child. Don’t judge yourself. Enjoy life as you enjoy Him and don’t think about yourself. He superintends your behavior and affairs. He will guide you, grow you and grace you with each step you take.

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