Our Sovereign God

Our Sovereign God

Trust your Heavenly Father. In every situation, He is trustworthy. Even when you don’t understand, trust Him. As you grow in your knowledge of your Abba, you will learn to accept events as they unfold. He is the loving Sovereign over the details of your life and will perform on your behalf, and for His own glory, all the things He has planned for you. Even through your impatience with circumstances, He will bring you into a greater maturity.

He will accomplish His goals for your life. Your only responsibility is to trust in His goodness and His wisdom. The destination which you will reach is not your concern. Your role is cling to Him as the journey unfolds. His role is to ensure that you reach His intended destination. Christians bring trouble upon ourselves when we confuse the two roles.

Relax, and enjoy your journey. Rest in His Sovereignty. Your life is an adventure, planned and performed by a supernatural God who adores you. We grow weary when we try to do what He alone can do. It is through our trials that He will lift our controlling need to be in charge. You must see that you are not in charge, but He alone determines and controls the unfolding of your destiny. Control is an arena for which we are not suited. He, on the other hand, is perfectly suited for that role.

So let go. Lay down your life for His sake and you will find it. Cling to your own life and you will lose it. Zeos (a full and supernatural life) is yours. Don’t forfeit it for bios (physical life alone).

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