Self Condemnation

Self Condemnation

It’s a strange thing to see the affinity that Christians often have for self condemnation. An attitude of self condemnation is nothing less than an assault on the finished work of Christ by seeking to punish ourselves for our own sins. To punish ourselves by self loathing is to imply that when Jesus declared, “It is finished,” He was wrong. “There is still something left for me to do – detest myself,” this attitude of unbelief insists.

Self condemnation is a sacrament to the Christian legalist. It is one way that he seeks to atone for his sins. His rationale may be conscious or unconscious, but it suggests that if he is sorry enough; if he feels badly enough; if he executes enough emotional self-flagellation, and offers up the sacrifice of genuine self contempt, then God will forgive him.

While his demeanor appears to be one of contrition, in reality his attitude demonstrates the worst kind of pride, which is both gaudy and despicable. He actually thinks that there is something he can do to bring on forgiveness. His self centered, pay your own way with the currency of guilt attitude, is an affront to the finished work of Jesus Christ.

He talks a talk that sounds like a godly man to many, but his licentious loathing of himself betrays a brazen and adulterous affair with the law. He may have died to the law so that he could be joined to Jesus Christ, (see Romans 7:4) but his insistence on wallowing in the bed of self judgement with the law suggests a religious hedonism that brings him great pleasure in the darkest places of his flesh.

Jesus came to “put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself” says the Bible. If He didn’t succeed at that, then our hopes are all in vain. If He did succeed, then any attempt to add another word to what the cross has spoken by allowing ourselves to accept self condemnation is an attempt to dilute, and thus negate, its power.

Have you sinned against God by allowing yourself to entertain self condemnation about your sins, past or present? Not only is it unnecessary, but it is a sin itself. Renounce your sin and run into the loving arms of your heavenly Father, giving up both your sins and your self condemnation to Him. Lay it all at His feet and allow Him to simply love you. Judgement day for you is finished. It was over at the cross when Jesus declared it to be so. God has nothing to say to you now other than words of love and acceptance. Don’t struggle against Him, but simply accept the truth.

There is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. You’re free from judgment. Embrace His forgiveness, rest in His acceptance, and get on with life In Jesus Christ.

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