Recognizing Your Father’s Voice

Recognizing Your Father’s Voice

For the first five years of my married life, my parents lived outside the United States. I knew the date they were to return home and looked forward to that day with great anticipation. I missed them and couldn’t wait to see them.
One day, months before the time when my family was scheduled to return, I had just returned from lunch to my office. I pulled into the parking lot, got out of my car and turned to walk into the building. At that moment, I heard a voice behind me speak: Hey there, young man.

My heart jumped within me. I knew that voice. It was my Dad. I immediately spun around and ran to him, falling into a loving embrace.

On that day, I didn’t expect to see my Dad. I knew that he, my mom, and my sister were on the other side of the world. I would have argued with anybody who said anything to the contrary. I could have given all the reasons why I was sure they were still there and why he couldn’t possibly be here. But one word from him changed all that.

I regularly hear my heavenly Father’s voice too. Occasionally people will ask, “How do you know you are hearing God?” The answer is simple: It’s because I know my Father’s voice when I hear it. I’d recognize that Voice anywhere. The more obvious question to me would be, “How would a person not recognize his own Father’s voice?”

There are times that doubts and fears assault me. There are times when I am confused and afraid. Then He speaks. It has never been audible. Sometimes it comes as I read my Bible. Sometimes His voice comes through the counsel of a friend. At times I hear him through a song. At other times, He speaks through the details of my circumstances. Often He will put a thought in my mind that I know is from Him.

I can’t defend my position. All I can say is that I hear His voice. Do you recognize your Father’s voice when He speaks? I don’t have a hot line to heaven, an inside track reserved for clergymen. We all stand on level ground in the kingdom. Your Father wants us all to hear Him when He speaks.

Critics may suggest that this kind of talk is too mystical, too subjective. The only response to be given is to say that Jesus is the one who said, “My sheep hear my voice.” I can’t imagine how anybody could get more than one meaning from that statement.

Ask your Father to speak to you. Ask Him to speak often. Then listen. You’ll be thrilled with what you hear.

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