Moving Through Doubts

Moving Through Doubts

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. Trust your Father to guide your steps. When the way is confusing, when the options are many, when you don’t know which direction to turn – trust Him. He is able to keep you from falling. He will direct you as a Father leads his small child by the hand, even though the child doesn’t know where they are going.

Peace. Enjoy the days of your life. How often we take on too much responsibility for life! Relax. All that you have is your Father’s, to give and to take. Now is a time of blessing in your life. This is the day that the Lord has made, so rejoice and be glad in it!

Live as one who understands that your Father has all that you could ever need or want. Don’t be afraid, but believe. Your Father’s purpose is to bless you. Don’t be afraid to move forward with faith, beyond the limits of your own comfort zone. He is Lord of your comfort zone and Lord of those places where you are uncomfortable too.

There is always a tentative impulse within those who step out in faith. Every Red Sea is intimidating, but those who cross over are the ones who take a step into the water’s edge, then continue until they find themselves safely in the Promised Land. God has promised to guide and to bless you. Don’t be afraid to take the steps He orders. Go forward boldly with faith in Him.

Can you believe His words? Be assured that He would refuse to sit idly by and allow one whom He loves so deeply to travel alone on a dangerous path where destruction would await. You Father is in control. Believe and depend on Him at every step. He will lead you safely home. As you depend on Him, you will learn to trust Him more and more and will learn to enjoy the risks of walking in faith.

As He causes you to know Him more intimately, you will discover that in the presence of His conscious love, all fears and doubts will vanish. Perfect love casts out fear. It isn’t your love, but His that will carry you through your doubts to victory side.

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