The Barnabas Touch

I don't think I would have enjoyed having the Apostle Paul for a friend. Does that sound wrong in some way? I don't mean to be rude, but it's true. Paul seemed to be the kind of guy who was too intense for me. Don't misunderstand me. I believe that Paul is probably...

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Losing Your Religion

I lost my religion years ago and I'm doing so much better now. I'm not exaggerating to make a point. I really mean it. Sometimes people will say to me, "What do you mean when you say you lost your religion?" The answer is simple. Understanding the true meaning of the...

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Big Babies

Control freaks - that's what we all are when we try to be in charge of our own lives. God never intended for us to be in control. Controlling things is His role, not ours. "My life is out of control!" people have tearfully said to me at times in the counseling office....

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A Job Well Done

What is your normal response when you complete a task? Do you look at it and find pleasure in the finished product? Or do you immediately notice all the ways, sometimes small, almost indistinguishable ways, that you could have done a better job? Your answer may say...

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Cling to Jesus

When you have a serious decision to make and aren't sure which option to choose, cling to Jesus. When you go to church every week, but don't seem to get anything out of it at all, cling to Jesus. When your bills are coming in faster than your paychecks do, cling to...

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We Are Spiritual Children

Do you wish you were more spiritually mature? Join the crowd. Children always want to grow up in a hurry. Every child wishes he were older. He looks at the opportunities and privileges that comes with age and longs for that day. Then as he grows old, he longingly...

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God is For Me

"God is for me." Can you make that statement with a deep sense of certainty? He is, you know. When things are going the way you want, God is for you. When life seems to be falling apart, God is for you. When the Philistines chased David down in Gath, he wrote, "This I...

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How to Have a Grace Filled Ministry

When I was a local church pastor, I used to dread the approaching start of a new church year. I could predict with exact precision what was going to happen in our church. In twenty years as a pastor there was never an exception. The same thing always happened; well...

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