Learning to Receive God’s Love

I practice the following spiritual exercise every day and have found it to be a tremendous way to consciously experience the love of God. (This exercise is taken directly from my book, The Godward Gaze.) I hope it will encourage you in your own daily communion with...

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Just Play

Unless you are converted and become like a little child, you can't enter the kingdom of heaven. That's what Jesus said. (See Matthew 18:3) If you were asked, "What is the main activity of a child?" what would you say? You would probably answer, "To play." A playful...

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Eyes that See

The idea that the only way God can speak to the Christian is through the Bible is one of the biggest deceptions that has ever duped the church. Certainly God will never speak in a way that contradicts His written Word, but the variety of ways through which He can...

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No More Score Cards

I seldom play golf anymore. Occasionally, if I'm with a pastor who loves the game, I'll go to the course and we'll play. Playing golf with me will test a person's patience. You can learn a lot about a man playing golf with him. To some people golf is a game. Those are...

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The Key to Victory

If Jesus promised victory, why are so many Christians experiencing defeat in their own lives? In his book, Victory in Christ, Charles Trumball expresses the sad circumstances of many people: There were great fluctuations in my spiritual life, in my conscious closeness...

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Join the Party

Everybody likes a party! Parties are usually associated with the celebration of life in some way. A New Years party celebrates the start of a new year of life. A birthday party celebrates the length of ones life. An anniversary party celebrates the years of life a...

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An Outlook or an Uplook?

"Your son may not live. He may be a paraplegic." The words stunned me as the emergency room doctor spoke them to us in a somber tone. The year was 1995 and our oldest son, twenty at the time, had just fallen from scaffolding on a job site where he was working....

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Just Trust

Your Father's heart toward you is to do you good. Don't allow circumstances that would suggest otherwise to be the authority in your belief system. When the details of life scream that He doesn't care, that you have been left alone to make it on your own - trust. It...

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