Canned Goods and Closed Hearts

My parents were born during the decade of "The Great Depression." It was a time when many families in America struggled to put food on their tables. Luxuries pretty much became an abstract concept for most Americans during those days. Finding enough food for another...

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Heavenly Father

I Am Your Child Heavenly Father, I am Your child. (See John 1:12) You love me with an intensity that refuses to be diminished. (Song of Solomon 8:7) Your plans for me are good. (See Jeremiah 29:11) You love me because you have chosen to and not because of what I do or...

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A Love Letter From Your Father

Taken from Isaiah My dear child, I always long to be gracious to you, waiting to show you my compassion. (30:18) You are My servant and I have chosen you, not rejected you. Never be afraid because I am always with you. Don't be anxious about things going on around...

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Kudzu Christians

"If we really are righteous, then why do we still sin? " This was the question one man asked me after I had spoken about the believer's righteousness in Jesus Christ. His question was a good one. Why do we still find ourselves committing sins at times if we have...

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Forgiven and Forgotten

Erwin Lutzer once told the following story, which illustrates the power of God's forgiveness: "Many years ago, a father and his daughter were walking through the grass on the Canadian prairie. In the distance, they saw a prairie fire, and they realized that it would...

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When We Feel Nothing

Lately I've felt little emotion in my Christian walk. I love it when I feel God's presence in my life. Only those who have experienced the consciousness of His life and love flooding their emotions and mind understand what I mean. It's wonderful to sense the closeness...

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Our Sovereign God

Trust your Heavenly Father. In every situation, He is trustworthy. Even when you don't understand, trust Him. As you grow in your knowledge of your Abba, you will learn to accept events as they unfold. He is the loving Sovereign over the details of your life and will...

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Slow Down

Hyperactivity is a curse on intimacy in our relationships. While people sometimes take pride in being a workaholic, it is, in fact, a sin because it reflects that the workaholic views life from the perspective that he is indispensable. Workaholics are deceived into...

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