A Busy Mind

A Busy Mind

“Often I can’t even go to sleep because of all the thoughts running through my mind,” someone once said to me. “I’m thinking about all that happened during the day. I’m thinking about my plans for tomorrow. I’m thinking about my children, my finances, my past mistakes, my future plans. I’m even having imaginary conversations with people, picturing what I’ll say if this happens or if that happens. It drives me nuts!”

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? You aren’t alone. Jesus told His disciples on more than one occasion, “Take no thought” (Matthew 6:25, 31, 34, 10:19, Mark 13:11, Luke 12:11, 12:22). The command literally means “Don’t take on the least bit of anxiety.” A hyperactive mind is enough to drive a sense of peace completely away!

The step that facilitates obedience to Jesus’ command is the belief that our loving Father really is in control of our lives. We can lay aside our fretting over life and know that He has already worked out all the details of our time on earth in eternity.

A busy mind is the result of divided loyalties. It is important that we nurture ourselves with the constant affirmation and realization of our Father’s love and care for us in every area of life. Relentless reasoning about our circumstances are fleshly ways of trying to understand how to control our own lives. As we grow in an understanding of Abba’s love and grace our minds will learn to rest in contentment.

The mind must be brought in subjection to the Spirit at each moment. It isn’t controlled by our own determination, but by a calm yielding to His Spirit. He will bring growth to us and we will find rest for our busy minds in Him alone.

There will always be outside influences which seek to inhabit your thoughts and shift your focus away from Christ. The key to victory in this area is to bring every thought into the captivity of His all encompassing love and His never ending embrace.

As long as you live in this world, there will be things you don’t understand – things you can’t control. When your mind runs wild, will you submit it all to Him? When you don’t understand your Father’s ways, rest in the reality of His loving heart toward you. He will not tell you the answers to every single question you have now, but will give you increasing revelation and light about your questions as you journey together with Him toward your complete maturity.

Eventually, everything will be answered. Until then, rest in His goodness and grace and know that He is for you. He will always act in the way that works for your benefit and blessing. Trust Him and relax.

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