One of Those Days

A brick mason was laying brick for a wall one day. He had reached the top when he finished and realized he had brought up too many bricks. He went down and hooked a barrel to a line and pulley. He pulled the barrel up to the top and then climbed back up. He then...

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The Cure For Inconsistency

"The one consistency of my Christian experience is inconsistency. The desire to be consistent in the Christian walk is inherent to the new nature of the believer. However, my own vulnerability toward spiritual failure is inescapable." These words were written in my...

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All Things New

Our family sawThe Passion this past weekend and, like everybody who has seen it, were deeply moved by the graphic portrayal of the sacrifice made by Christ at the cross. The cross of Jesus Christ is the crux of time and eternity. While the whole movie was stirring,...

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Marriotts, Maps and God’s Grace

Where is that hotel? I asked myself with a sense of frustration that was becoming greater and greater. It was in Tampa last week and I was trying to find the place where I was to spend the night. I had gone on the Internet and gotten exact driving directions from...

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Holy Hugs

Jake is an eighteen year old whose life is a clear demonstration of divine grace. I heard him share his story this past weekend with his church family . He shared truths about the comfort of God during the trials of life, a topic about which circumstances have made...

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Forgiving Those Who Hurt Us

I watched Tammy Faye Messner on Larry King this past week. Say what you will about her past or present lifestyle, she hit the nail on the head when Larry asked her about her relationship to those who hurt her during the PTL ordeal. She explained that the way she has...

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Dead to Sin

"Would you like to come to the party on Friday night?" the teen was asked. Knowing that drugs would flow at this particular party, the young Christian girl answered, "I won't be able to be there." "Why not?" her friend persisted. "Because I'm dead," the Christian...

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Religion’s Rubber Checks

It was the very beginning of Grace Walk Ministries. I had been on television for the past hour hosting a "Christian talk show," as a guest host when someone from the station came to me during a break. They gave me a telephone number and said, "This man just called. He...

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