Living Boldly

Grace not only equips us to be all that we can be, but to do all that we are called to do. Christians often live a listless lifestyle because they either don't know or else don't believe that the actual power of Jesus Christ dwells within them. "You shall receive...

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Do You Like Your Pastor?

"I don't like you," the church member said to me with absolutely no expression on her face. "Why?" I asked. "I don't know," she answered. "I haven't liked you from the moment you arrived at our church." This was an actual conversation I had with a lady once when I was...

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The People Pleasers

"I've never known what I want to do with my own life," a young mother said to me at a church where I recently spoke about living our God-given dreams. "I want to fulfill God's plan for my life, but I can't figure out what it is. I don't even know what I want to do,"...

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The Candy Closet

Our grandson was in our home recently when he opened the closet door in the kitchen. "Jonathan, what are you doing?" Melanie asked him. "I'm looking in the candy closet," he answered in a matter of fact sort of way. His answer struck me as interesting. That closet was...

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Forgiving Ourselves

"I know that God has forgiven me, but I just can't forgive myself," someone recently said to me after describing a recent period of time in his life when he had made the choice to repeatedly commit the same sin again and again. As Christians always do, he had finally...

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Childlike Faith

The five year old stood on the window sill, leaning against the glass with her arms stretched out and wearing the kind of smile that is so big it only fits a child. Outside, the rain was pounding, the thunder was exploding and the lightening flashed again and again....

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A Case For Optimism

What do you see when you look down the road of life? The foundation for your optimism is Jesus Christ. Faith in Him is the conduit through which He is able to pour out into your life all the good He has planned for you to be, to have and to do. It all boils down to...

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Making Music Together

Have you ever felt that you've made a wrong decision and gone through the wrong door in life? You can rest assured of this - God's loving faithfulness is bigger than your foul-ups. His grace will ensure that His will is accomplished in your life. There's no need to...

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