Grace Walk Counseling Service

I am Toshi Miyazaki, Director of Training at Grace Walk Ministries. I am very excited to announce our new Counseling service, a “Christ-centered, Grace-based” counseling.

I focus on and remind clients of God’s involvement in each of us and focus on our identity in Christ. The Holy Spirit in each client will be the one who illuminates and reveals the truth, and the Holy Spirit continues to work for their experiential transformations. My goal is for clients to come to have a much deeper understanding of who God really is and who they really are. In other words, I truly desire for them to know how much they are loved and to live in freedom.

I counsel each person in a one-to-one environment. It is not a group chat nor a group Bible study. I respect client confidentiality and privacy.  Methods for counseling may be done by FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, phone, and actual face-to-face meetings.

I have been providing pastoral counseling to many for more than 20 years, having served for 10 years in formal counseling ministries. I have a MABS (Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling) through Luther Rice Seminary.

I offer three types of services:

  • Personal Counseling – This is for people who are currently dealing with a heavy crisis which includes relational issues such as marriage, parenting, co-dependency, guilt/shame, and other difficulties.
  • Discipleship Counseling – In addition to personal crisis counseling, I offer discipleship counseling. The process revolves around systematic Spirit-led mentoring. This is designed for one to gain a deeper understanding of who God is and who you are, as well as living your authentic life. This counseling process may take longer than the personal crisis counseling, but I strongly recommend this for everybody. It is comprised of the following topics:


Personal History: Helping the client to see the root issue

Ego/Flesh: The flesh and its manifestation

Concept of God: Deeper understanding of who God is

Identity: Who we are and who others are

Forgiveness: Healing from the past

Absolute Trust/Surrender: Healing from the future and present

Authentic Living: Addressing the personal struggles that initially brought the client to counseling


  • Quantum Life Coaching – In addition to the direct approach to Christ centered counseling, now I offer life coaching from quantum science.  It involves quantum physics, neuroscience, psychology, and other fields of study. The main focus of this service is for clients to know, feel, and experience happiness, joy, and success.

In addition to the actual sessions, homework is usually assigned to clients. It is an important part of the counseling process.


Sessions and Fees

  • 60-minute sessions. Counseling is given weekly, but I also accept bi-weekly sessions due to clients’ schedule conflicts or their financial situations.
  • $90/session (which includes prep time before session, actual session time, and follow-up note post session)

After each session, please complete the payment for that session. Go to the website at and click on “Donate” in the top menu. Click “Online Donation Form” and fill out the form including the amount. In the FUND section choose your donation for Counseling Service. Follow the form prompts to complete your transaction.

If you do not use a credit card, you may make a check out to Grace Walk Ministries and send it to them at PO Box 817 St. Petersburg, FL. 3373.  Be sure to enclose a note in the check indicating it is for Toshi Miyazaki.

In the event that you must reschedule your appointment, I ask you to please notify me 24 hours in advance. If you do not notify me, I may ask that you pay the fee for that appointment. Please email me at You can send me a text message as well.

Grace Walk Ministries was founded in 1996 by Dr. Steve McVey who has published 17 books including Grace Walk and Beyond an Angry God; over 550,000 copies of Steve’s books have been published in fifteen languages.

We are devoted in sharing the love and life of Christ with everybody, and to teach them what it means to walk in grace.


From Dr Steve McVey
Toshi Miyazaki is well suited for counseling people from all walks all life, with all kinds of problems. His training and experience are equally matched by his compassion and commitment to truly help every client. I’m a firm believer that everybody can benefit from counseling. If you or somebody you know are open to receiving spiritual, practical and effective guidance from a skilled counselor, I can’t recommend Toshi highly enough. I assure you every client will end the counseling process in a better place.  

If you are interested in our service and would like to know more about it, please contact me at   I am looking forward to connecting with you!!!

Remember, you are deeply loved by your heavenly Father, The Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ.