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England Mission

Steve and Melanie ministered in England, where the hunger of the Christians there was very encouraging. “I felt like I was preaching to the choir,” Steve said about his visit to The Grace Project in London. Here is the testimony of Paul Anderson-Walsh, Director of The Grace Project:

“It truly was an honor for The Grace Project to have been able to host a Grace Walk Conference here in London. Steve’s books Grace Walk and Grace Rules had already established him in the minds of the grace community in England as one of the world’s foremost contemporary Exchanged Life teachers. However, his visit assured him of a permanent place in our hearts as well as our minds. Those of us who were longing for a deeper understanding of life freed from the law had all but memorized our well thumbed copies of his books ever before he arrived, so as you can imagine, it was with great anticipation that we received Steve and his wife Melanie. My excitement was tempered with a little apprehension as I have found in the past that those you love in print can sometimes have a habit of disappointing you in person. However, this was certainly not the case with Steve & Melanie McVey who so effortlessly embodies the Abundant Love filled Life of Christ. In an age where integrity is at a premium it was a privilege to meet a couple that don’t just talk the grace talk they actually walk the grace walk!

Steve and Melanie were an instant hit with everyone they came in contact with. A few years on people still talk lovingly about their ministry – We were fortunate enough to have Steve speak at our Sunday meeting as well as hold a Grace Walk Conference during that week. Many people remember that Sunday when Steve spoke on the love of God as one of the most encouraging messages that they have ever heard. One of the questions we are asked time and again is when are they coming back – Let’s hope it’s some time soon and one thing that Steve & Melanie can be assured of is that they have an extended Exchanged Life family on this side of the pond longing to see them again.”


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